Secrets of Women: Rethinking Gender in History

Welcome to Secrets of Women, where we aim to explore and rethink gender in history!

The idea for this website started as a way to bridge the distance between academic debates on gender and the wider community.

While my focus is on the history of medicine and gender history, and I specialise in the early modern period (16th-18th centuries), I also hope to create links between the past and the present.

My goal is to bring history into contemporary debates while creating a sense of community and a safe space for discussion.

(If you are curious about the gendered language used in this website, please read our Language and Inclusivity note.)

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I look forward to many stimulating debates and discussions with you!

About Julia Martins (She/Her)

I just finished my PhD in History at King’s College London. My thesis was about the translation of ‘secrets of women’ …